Title- The seeking in the pool.

I've seen your eye's looking for the surprise, I've found the life in the bottle and the pipe stool the fire from the sky.
The pool of asphalt that filled the lot, did not open a spot for the homeless car, but instead it swallowed the pool and felt for the stolen soul and ran for an open hole that brought about a feeling for skin.
Now back I've been but never have seen the pool that is stuck in the rule that leads to your soul, that brings about the peace and takes off the fleece that is so comforting and warm, for I know you have the only love that sings in the moon light.

Title-Screening the obsession of happiness.

Happiness is a gift of playful thoughts that are given to tot's in an infantile way, the byes is a bash and time given to lash as the obsession in happiness is that to debate.
Now a pill gives the bliss so that we must kiss the chemist in turn to develop depth and fun in the world of plastic numbers. Your given the test in time it becomes more inept so regret is aloft if you become the sloth as the obsession had grown to the end, for thoughts in happiness be for seen in the queen of hearts.

Title-The beauty that was scared.

No longer is money a factor when scares scare the dead, but only in the head is weight a gift. Cloth of satin and light did gleam only to revile the scares that seemed so lonely on high.
The pleasure of flesh gave a moment that was empty to the feeling of motion on the blackest of night.
With the seventh deadly sin your mind is at a whim for peace is abound and motion is load and adverbs gave justice. So with the beauty that was scared my heart did enlarge but only to be taken without absence.


Title. Faith that fell without Peace.

While blue bird sings they all did pray for hope and love to be brought there way. While steeple on high and bells did ring the blue bird still did sing.
A moment did pass and time stood still the faith that fell without peace grieved at the hill. Stronger have fought and braver men have died you still had stood at his side, now with malice and sword the song sung no more for the peace lay at the blood floor.
So look high and low for there is a foe whenever faith was felt on the field of wow.


Title. The Loss of 3000 BC.

The love in the United States is lost by radio Junkies and people with out hate have a life that love never knew, if being a star is as bright as the solar system then one day the light will burn out. Is the reason of knowing the breathe in life the only hope with peace? Why is the air cluttered?
Poem by Bill.

Title. The Teen Shooting Iron.

Stand back-Look to your right-watch out your dead.
The teen to be seen, it's Billy the kid-your dead. Hand guns and young minds your dead. DVD the PC and TV your dead. Trigger finger and snake eye's the long hand of the law, the lamb and the pig your dead. Standing in tombstone and the sun has set only to remind you of the TV the DVD and the PC.

Title. Light House Lamp.

Back in to the strange but not forgotten land of pill's.
Now the racing effect of power over the devoted land in the right place.
Sicken happiness in the pit of the stomach the pill begins.
The up and down process of emotions and sanity launching into a lighting effect of sinfulness.
Help thy self to blue, white, red, and yellow. The chosen tong of pleasure is in a swollen vile stench of madness.
I've found the cure and I have the pill so take the words of the mad hatter and devour the pleasure.

Title. The green riveted tower.

Smoke filled rooms with canes against the walls.
The bell hop and passenger van.
Sixty floors and eight elevator banks. Italian marble with brass inlay, a Roman empire I found, and the death of money.
An on slot of strangers acting out the rules and overseeing the inner workings of the info structure.
I'm the pawn and the knights rule over me like a stroller on the pavement of life, grasping for the door handle I find my self staring back at me with blood shot eyes and stinking of Gin.
The embodiment of power lunging past the door finding the air filled with the smell of daises.
I'm now the new info structure facing the sea and grounding the stableness of sanity.


Title. Cascading Moments.

Like the Ice melting on the polar caps and the forest burning in south America the moments of clarity flow by.
A day is like a week in life, I look for the eye opening moments and feel for the happiness that only love for ones self can bring.
But still they are far and few between for one day you can see your soul glow and the next day your are a sliding spiral of plasma falling throw the cracks.

Title-Steel Buck Shot In Haiti.

Reaching for the Gun to let loose some fun, but working in the open air has it's limitations feeding the bird of pray and playing the song of meaningless tones.
I will never bring about hope in a lamp light on a wooden floor, but I shall feel free to bring about loneliness and grain living while here in the day.
Now as the light filtered the shade and the music filled the air, I brought about steel buck shot in Haiti, and now as the air finds it's way towards the lung, it pass a chaplet that only gave rain a happy home in the gutter and as I felt the CD play out the haze that synapse can produce when you drive the wooden stake throw the poet's eye, but the lung opened and rang out the tobacco filter that stung the flesh with silicone.

Title- If happiness' where in lie's

Braking the open hope of loneliness and for seeing the sight of the rain, I've brought new day's that will come with out the brave heart.
Staying close at had and finding me backwards though in the lye, the self though of me looking at me with out ever opening your eye's.
Studying my rainbow of colors I find you over the horizon, but why me for I known only numbers in this reality, so my happiness' is now at fault with me. But the lye is foreseen by hope, so look on my friend for the new day now has won and for this we run and never find my hope.

Title-The Biochemical Building.

Hello and welcome to the new age of life, take a seat and try not to dematerialized for the doctor will see you soon.
The opium doctor will see you now. THANK YOU.
We have devolved your new life and a pill will bring you to your utopian bliss.
So just remember we also offer a wide range of office space here, just look up the black hole number and dial the genocide of your choose. Have a nice day.


Bleak and shallow, hard nipples of lust we are lost.
To be found here and this is the key and maybe if we use it we will unlock the subconscious mind and open are eyes.
The city has sold off Larka and the fairy dumes of hell have been butchered but still have not been baked, if you feel as if there is a meaning then look for it for it all can be answered.
A vast landscape of plush green and your mind is at ease walking with no remorse, you have found the walking dead, they are staring at you with open eyes, HELP them-Never for they have lost there souls but you have not for here entail the mind is the abomination and the youth are the only chances for the dead but not even they know no meaning.
Looking back you are driving in a wooded landscape and trees are waving they are saying slow down look, touch, feel your life for it may pass you by and you did not even stop to look.
For in the mind you find the time to speak in an open tong, your lost work time makes it move and never again will you see it, so keep in mind the time to place this on paper and never forget your past simpleton. END.


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